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Automatic Reset Low Pressure Controls (Switches)

Pressure Controls

Bika Controls, a quality brand of pressure controls and sensors manufactured at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, coupled with experienced design engineering and quality controls make BIKA the preferred choice in pressure controls and sensors. Our mission is to provide customers with achievable solutions related to product design and modifications to meet their customized applications and extend the highest quality of service at all times while maintaining our price competitiveness. BIKA controls provide unparalleled performance over a wide range of environmental and electrical conditions.


Our manufacturing facility is IS9001 certified with documented workstation instructions and performance measures throughout all segments of the manufacturing process. With advanced semi-automated technology platforms, our current annual production volume is 5.2 million units with readily available resources to increase production as demands arise.

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Automatic and Manual Reset Pressure Controls and Fan Cycle Switches

Product Line


Automatic reset pressure controls, manual reset pressure controls, and fan cycle switches offered in "bulk" and "individual" pack. For more information please explore the LINKS below: 

Automatic Reset Pressure Controls (Switches)
Automatic Reset High Pressure Controls (Switches)
Manual Reset Pressure Controls
Fan Cycle Pressure Controls (Switches)


  • Automatic reset fixed set-point cartridge

  • Corrosion resistance stainless steel package 

  • SPST and SPDT controls, normally open or normally closed contacts 

  • Excellent set-point repeat-ability and stability 

  • Wide variety of fittings and electrical connection 



In-house testing laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that is suited to conduct the following required tests:

  • Calibration 

  • Life at rated load (Endurance Test)  

  • Burst Pressure 

  • Proof Pressure

  • Dielectric Strength 

  • Salt Chamber

  • Operation (Ambient/Fluid) 

  • Customized testing 

  • Bika Controls are UL Approved for safety => 100,000 Cycles 



Bika Controls is committed to providing the highest quality standards at all times. Our management is fully dedicated to enhance our quality through continuous investments in quality programs. Our quality team is constantly improving our procedures to meet those required by industry and customer standards globally. 

Quality Products and Services


Bika Controls and Sensors are suitable for residential and commercial air-conditioning, refrigeration & heat pump applications. 


  • Refrigeration 

  • Residential air-conditioning 

  • Commerical air-condtioing 

  • Service equipment (Recycling/Recovery units)

  • Special applications  



  • Mini- Splits air conditioners 

  • Split type air-conditioners 

  • Rooftops air-conditioners 

  • Walk in refrigeration systems 

  • Air-cooled condensing units 

  • Recycling systems 

  • Recovery systems 

Pressure Controls Application
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