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For this service to be of great value, you must have a minimum of 2500 plan participants 

Describe, predict and prescribe action 

• Uncover hidden cost drivers faster     and with more accuracy.

• Leverage your data for your         


• Empower your team to make

   optimal plan decisions.

• Increase member value,   

   persistency, and utilization of


• Optimize spending and improve

   your bottom line.

Improved vs. optimized health plan

• Gain greater insights into the 

   financial drivers of your plan.

• Remove unforeseen

   inefficiencies and eliminate less

   favorable options.

• See more of your data, more often

   and with greater accuracy.

• Access high-level views of total

   block performance and drill down

   views of individuals by key


• Identify optimal choices, with

   specific actions to meet plan


• Improve healthcare 

   while reducing instead of shifting,

   health plan costs.  

What makes this program different  

More efficiencies: Replace tedious

   manual processes with fast,

   automated ones.

More data:  Analyze more data,

   more frequently, and with greater

More insights: Uncover hidden

   insights & validate program


More strategic: Get an evidence-

   based point of view with ‘What If’

More data quality: Insights based

   on actual experience, not on

More than improved. Optimized –

   Plan design tailored to meet the

   specific needs of your population

   while obeying the overall

   premium, business quality and

   other specified criteria that you


More confidence: Advanced

   mathematical and scientific

   methods ensure every dollar

   allocated for healthcare is


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