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Infrared Temperature Detection System (ITDS) SENS200.

The SENS-200 Unattended Infrared Body Temperature Detection System offers a cutting-edge solution for accurately measuring human body temperature from a safe distance. Using non-contact infrared technology, the system can detect temperature through the measurement sensor located on a person's wrist or forehead with high precision. This makes it an ideal solution for public spaces, healthcare facilities, and workplaces where quick and reliable temperature screening is essential. The SENS-200 is designed to be easy to install and operate, making it a convenient and efficient tool for monitoring body temperature in various settings. With its advanced technology and accurate measurements, the SENS-200 Infrared Temperature Detection System provides peace of mind and confidence in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

Infrared Temperature Detection System (ITDS) SENS200

PriceFrom $1,200.00
  • The system is available in three different options;

    SENS-200T: Infrared Body Temperature Detection System.

    SENS-200G: Includes integration into doors, turnstiles, and other devices that need integrated temperature measurement.

    SENS-200N: Includes door integration and network module accessible through Wi-Fi or hard-wire, providing detailed data based on body temperatures recorded.

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