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Fan Cycle Switch PS23-018-260K300K

The Fan Cycle Switch PS23-018-260K300K is a high-quality, direct mount snap-acting stainless steel switch with a hermetically sealed sensor, making it resistant to corrosion. This switch has excellent set-point repeatability and stability, making it a reliable choice for low-limit safety and regulated controls on unitary air conditioning, split systems, and recovery systems. With a SPST, Normally Open (NO) configuration, this switch is individually packed and ready for easy installation. Whether you are a professional HVAC technician or a DIY enthusiast, the Fan Cycle Switch (Auto Reset LP) PS23-018-260K300K is the ideal choice for your AC/R system.


Fan Cycle Switch PS23-018-260K300K

SKU: PS-F260-300S
  • Fan Cyclinge Switch. Open: 260 +/- 10 PSI, Close: 300 +/- 10 PSI | 1/4 Female Flare Fitting, #18AWG to 600V PVC 18" yellow leads. Proof pressure: 600 PSI, Burst Pressure: 5000 PSI, agency approval: UL, cUL 

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