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Face Mask KN95

Vercamed high-quality Face Mask KN95, designed to filter 95% of non-oily media for maximum protection. With low respiratory resistance and a high density, this mask is perfect for preventing the spread of influenza while remaining light and comfortable during wear. To ensure proper usage, be sure to distinguish the front and back, as well as the up and down of the mask, and wash your hands before putting it on. After wearing, simply squeeze the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose and stretch the mask down to cover the nose and mouth for a secure fit. Protect yourself and others with our reliable Face Mask KN95.


Face Mask KN95

PriceFrom $22.99

    • Keep the seal in a dry, clean place with no corrosive gases.
    • Make sure the storage place is clean, ventilated, and odorless.
    • Do not use if the mask deteriorates due to improper storage.
    • Do not use if found expired, damaged, or contaminated.
    • This product cannot be used as a gas mask.
    • Please do not re-package the mask.
    • Do not wear them during sleep.
    • Discontinue use if dizziness or discomfort occurs.
    • Please wear your mask correctly.
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