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GMT Series

6 - 11 KW (1500/1800 Rpm)

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Diesel engines are commonly used as mechanical engines, power generators and in mobile drives. They find wide spread use in locomotives, construction equipment, automobiles, and countless industrial applications. Their realm extends to almost all industries. Industrial diesel engines and diesel powered generators have construction, marine, mining, hospital, forestry, telecommunications, underground, and agricultural applications. Power generation for prime or standby backup power is the major application of today's diesel generators.

- The engine features 12 & 24 VDC electric system
- Heavy duty air filter            
- Radiator rated at 55˚C 

- Direct injection in-line pump

- Efficient fuel consumption 
- Low Sound     

GMPG engines are supplied with cooling package and air cleaner kit. Each component has been specifically developed and thoroughly tested for G-Drive products, ensuring high performance, durability and reliability. 

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