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DSEWebNet® / IoT Gateway - 4G (GSM/Ethernet). The DSE890 MKII is an Ethernet/4G gateway device that enables compatible DSE controllers to be monitored remotely via DSEWebNet® software or third-party MQTT brokers.

DeepSea DSE890 Genset WebNet IoT Gateway

  • REQUIRES - Combined 4G LTE (Main & Diversity) and GPS Antenna  if 4G Signal is Needed. Unit compatible with 2G & 3G. 

    The DSE890 MKII gateway communicates with a maximum of five connected DSE controllers, monitoring instrumentation and operating states. When this data changes, data is logged internally and transmitted from the gateway device to the DSEWebNet® or MQTT broker (Amazon Web Services, Google, IBM etc..). 

    DSEWebNet® software is accessed using an Internet browser or the dedicated app. Users are able to perform multiple tasks including: monitoring equipment, clearing alarm conditions, starting/stopping equipment and monitoring fuel levels. 

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