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General Purpose AC Motor Run Capacitors


VACCAP quality brand of general-purpose AC capacitors including Motor Run and Fan Motor capacitors supporting the air-conditioning, refrigeration, and heating markets. VACCAP is known for its engineering capabilities and flexibility in offering customers suitable and cost-effective solutions. 



VACCAP capacitors are designed, manufactured, and tested at state of the art facility with "quality first" processes. In our quest to become a “World Quality Leader”, VACCAP pursues continuous improvement in design, manufacturing quality processes, services, and performance leading to complete customer satisfaction and business growth, accomplished through dedication, commitment, and teamwork. We are committed to providing customers with optimum solutions by customizing our capacitors to fit all applications.

General Purpose AC Motor Run Capacitors

Product Line


ERAVCO offers a complete line of Motor Run Capacitors ranging from 2.5µF to 100µF in round and oval, single and dual configuration.

  • Single Capacitors     

  • Dual Capacitors


  • Internal Construction:  Self-Healing metallized polypropylene film

  • Dielectric Fluid: Eccol II. IIIB Liquid NFPA Classifications 

  • Case Material: Aluminum  or Tin Plate Steel 

  • Interrupter: Pressure sensitive, UL Recognized. Rated for 10,000AFC

  • Capacitance: 2.5µF to 100µF

  • Capacitor Tolerance: ±5% Std., ± 3%,  and  ±10% available

  • Operating Temperature:  -40°F (-40°C) To 185°F (85°C) 

  • AC Voltage Ratings:  240 -> 660VAC

  • Life Expectancy: 60,000 hours with an estimated survival of > 90%

  • Dissipation factor: Not exceeding 0.1% (when measured at 25°C/60Hz)

  • Terminals:  3 or 4 tinned steel quick connect.

Product Line



VACCAP Capacitors are suitable for residential and commercial air-conditioning, refrigeration & heat pump applications. 



  • ​Residential Air Conditioning 

  • Commercial Air Conditioning

  • Heating Applications 

  • Fan Motors 


  • Compressors 

  • Split Phase Motors

  • Mini-Split AC Systems 

  • Window AC Systems

  • Heat Pump Systems 

  • Ice Machines 

General Purpose AC Motor Run Capacitor Application (Compressor)
General Purpose AC Motor Run Capacitor Applications (Compressor/Motors)
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